Saturday, October 25, 2014

I'm in love with my MISTI!

OMG, y'all! I owe a huge debt of gratitude to my online friend, Vicki, for introducing a bunch of us on Facebook to the MISTI! I've been busting at the seams the tell you about this amazing new tool... I finally got the chance to use it to create two cards this morning!

MISTI stands for Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented. And yes, it most definitely is! The MISTI was invented, and each one handmade, by the wonderful Iliana of My Sweet Petunia. She makes a bunch of them, announces via email when they'll go on sale and sells out almost immediately. It took me a couple tries before I was lucky enough to get one, and then I got so excited that I forgot to order the graph paper and magnets! So I used the Contact feature on her site and asked her to invoice me for the extra items, which she gladly did, and included them in the package with the MISTI. So I can vouch for her amazing customer service as well! :)

I highly recommend that you subscribe to her emails so you don't miss out on the next batch of MISTIs. And while you're at it, go ahead and subscribe to her YouTube channel, because her cardmaking videos (using the MISTI of course) are pretty awesome!

I hope you're lucky enough to get one of these amazing stamping tools! If you get one, I know you're going to love it! ;)



  1. That looks amazing! I couldn't find a price anywhere on her website. How much did you pay for it Leslie?

  2. Pamellia - the MISTI costs $49.95 + $9.95 shipping. Well worth every penny, believe me! ;)


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